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School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs

Philosophy: Traditional Option

At least 40 of a student's 120 hours must be in upper-division courses. No course with a grade of D+ or lower and no course taken pass/fail will be counted toward the major. The overall GPA for courses in the major must be at least 2.0.

Required Courses — 36 credits

Introductory Philosophy — choose 1 UCORE
PHIL 101: Introduction to Philosophy [HUM] [H]
PHIL 103: Introduction to Ethics [HUM] [H]
PHIL 201: Elementary Logic   [H]
History of Philosophy
PHIL 320: History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy   [H]
PHIL 321: History of Modern Philosophy   [H]
Continental Philosophy — choose 1
PHIL 322: Nineteenth-Century Philosophy   [H]
PHIL 420: Contemporary Continental Philosophy    
Modern Philosophy — choose 1
PHIL 442: Philosophy of Mind [M] [M]
PHIL 443: Philosophy of Language    
Seminar — choose 1
PHIL 446: Metaphysics    
PHIL 447: Theory of Knowledge    
Social/Political/Ethical Theory — choose 1
PHIL 460: Ethical Theory [M] [M]
PHIL 472: Social and Political Philosophy [M] [M]
Philosophy/Religion — choose 1
PHIL 314: Philosophies and Religions of India [M] [G,M]
PHIL 315: Philosophies and Religions of China and Japan [M] [G,M]
Philosophy Capstone
Any 400-level PHIL [M] course [M] [M]
Philosophy Electives — 6 credits (2 courses)
Senior Portfolio
Three papers total, each from a different 400-level Phil course. See the philosophy advisor for details.    
Writing in the Major [M] Requirement

At least two courses designated [M] must be taken to satisfy the Writing in the Major requirement, which pertains to all majors within the University. The following meet the [M] requirement in philosophy: PHIL 314, 315, 442, 460, 462, and 472.

Philosophy Advising

Laurie Heustis
Academic Advisor
Thompson Hall 203A









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