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American Political Science Association
The leading professional organization for the study of political science, serving more than 15,000 members in over 80 countries.

Western Political Science Association
An association of more than 1,000 political scientists, its purpose is to promote the study and teaching of government and politics, to foster research, and to facilitate the discussion of public affairs. The association publishes the journal Political Research Quarterly.

International Studies Association (ISA)
The International Studies Association (ISA) was founded in 1959 to promote research and education in international affairs. With well over 4,000 members in North America and around the world, ISA is the most well-respected and widely-known scholarly association in this field. ISA cooperates with 57 international studies organizations in more than 30 countries, is a member of the International Social Science Council, and has nongovernmental consultative status with the United Nations. The association sponsors 5 professional journals of the highest quality in international relations:

  • International Studies Quarterly (ISQ) started in conjunction with the association as its flagship journal.
  • With a broad interdisciplinary and multinational perspective, the International Studies Review (ISR) tracks worldwide trends, synthesizing theory and literature in the field.
  • International Studies Perspectives (ISP) began publication in 2000 and is focused on teaching, research, and the state of the profession.
  • Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA) provides a peer-reviewed outlet for the highest quality academic research into the processes, outcomes, and theories of foreign policy.
  • And finally, our most recent journal, International Political Sociology (IPS), debuted this year as an interdisciplinary journal responding to the diversification of both scholarly interests and regional concerns in contemporary international studies.

International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP)
ISPP is an interdisciplinary organization representing all fields of inquiry concerned with exploring the relationships between political and psychological processes. ISPP's nearly 1,000 members include psychologists, political scientists, psychiatrists, historians, sociologists, economists, and anthropologists, as well as journalists, government officials, and others. The society is also international, with members from all regions of the world: the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. It publishes the highly respected journal Political Psychology.

Pacific Northwest Political Science Association

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