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WSU history faculty consider their primary mission to be teaching. All of our faculty, including senior professors, teach undergraduate classes. Our professors are excellent teachers, they enjoy undergraduate instruction, and they take that responsibility seriously. If high school graduates or transfer students are looking for a congenial atmosphere in which to study and learn, they can find no better place than the WSU history department.

List of Faculty by Field

Faculty Publications

Faculty Member
Robert Bauman (Tri Cites Campus)
American history and public history
Peter Boag
American West, the Pacific Northwest, modern America, the environment, and sexuality
Brigit Farley (Tri Cites Campus)
Russian and East European history
Lydia Gerber
Crosscultural studies and Chinese history
Candice L. Goucher (Vancouver Campus)
World history, African history, and Caribbean studies

Lawrence B. A. Hatter
Early America, Atlantic World, Borderlands history
Steven Hoch (Tri Cites Campus)
Modern Russian history, European agrarian history, and historical demography
Theresa Jordan
Roman and medieval history
Steven D. Kale
19th-century Europe, modern France, and postwar Europe
Noriko Kawamura
U.S. foreign relations, U.S.–East Asian relations, and modern Japanese history
Robert McCoy
Public history
Laurie Mercier (Vancouver Campus)
United States, the American West, the Pacific Northwest, immigration and migration, and American labor
Sue Peabody (Vancouver Campus)
Slavery, freedom and the law in the French empire
Jeffrey Sanders
Environmental, Pacific Northwest, and U.S. West history
Jesse Spohnholz
Early modern European social, cultural, and religious history
Raymond Sun
Social history of religion, modern German history, Holocaust and genocide studies, military history
Matthew A. Sutton
20th-century United States, cultural, and religious history
Orlan Svingen
Public and United States history
Jennifer Thigpen
19th-century U.S. history, women and gender, colonialism, and the West
Marina Tolmacheva
Islamic civilization and Middle East history
Xiuyu Wang (Vancouver Campus)
Modern Chinese history, ethnicity, religion and nationalism in China, modern East Asian history, and world history
Ashley Wright
Modern Britain, Burma, imperial and
world history

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