Washington State University
College of Liberal Arts

General Studies and Advising Center

GenSt 400

Summer 2009

Instructors: Tom Whitacre, Anna Chow
Phone: 509-335-8731
E-mail: ychow@wsu.edu
Text: Integrated and Critical Thinking Guide
  Six Learning Goals of the Baccalaureate
  Visual Representation
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CATALOG DESCRIPTION: General Studies Portfolio 1 credit; prereq senior standing. Evaluating one's educational experience and presenting that evaluation in written and symbolic form. S, F grading

Credit: Academic Regulation 27 - One semester credit is assigned for a minimum of 45 hours of time commitment. For independent work such as GenSt 400, three hours per week average for a 15-week semester is expected.


Written Assignments
These assignments are designed for you to examine and reflect critically on your own experiences as a General Studies major and they function as an occasion for you to assess our program. This is an opportunity to integrate your college education, in terms of achievements, struggles, and powerful learning experiences. This effort needs to be part reflective and part research, utilizing all available resources relevant to the discussion, rather than write papers limited to personal narratives.

The Integrated and Critical Thinking Guide will be used to grade your first assignment. Critical thinking is one of the most important and valuable qualities that college students can possess. It not only applies to the college setting but also in the professional arenas and everyday life. Employers are constantly seeking to hire people who can not only think, but critically assess each problem and situation from multiple perspectives and come up with relevant solutions. Applying the Integrated and Critical Thinking Guide to this course will help us to improve and refine instructional methods which will enhance higher intellectual skills over students’ college careers and beyond.

Please type your answers (double-spaced, 12 point font, and 1” margins) and pay attention to grammatical form.

Resources for writing assignments:

Because this course is for students with senior standing, effective writing style and correct grammar and syntax are expected. You might wish to consult texts you used in writing courses (Engl 101, [M] classes, technical writing courses) or standard style manuals (APA, Chicago Manual or Style) for assistance. Footnotes are not required unless you quote something. If you have written application letters or resumes for other courses, you may use them for this course; however, please note that your submission must be for a specific position for which your letter and resume might be altered.

Resources for Position Notices:

You may use any standard job listing service, internet or otherwise, and should select a position for which you might actually apply. If your materials submitted for grading are examples you have actually used in applying for a position, please let us know if you were successful. If you are willing, please indicate if you are willing to allow use of your examples for other students with your name and other identifying information removed.


The course is S, F. The papers will also be S, F graded. An S on each assignment is required for an S in the course.


The first assignment is due May 29, 2009.
The second assignment is due June 19, 2009.
The third assignment is due July 10, 2009.