ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance


    ESQ Special Issue:

Reexamining the American Renaissance

Albert J. von Frank

Introduction: "Reexamining the American Renaissance: Some Futures for the Past"

Betsy Erkkilä

"Revolution in the Renaissance"

Jeffrey Steele

"Crises of Relationship: Developing Relational Models
for the Study of the American Renaissance"

John Carlos Rowe

"Religious Transnationalism in the American
Renaissance: Susan Warner's Wide, Wide World"

Sharon M. Harris

"Whose Renaissance? Women Writers in the
Era of the American Renaissance"

Phyllis Cole

"The Literary Landscape of a Woman's
Rights Periodical: The Una, 1853-1855"

Maurice S. Lee

"The Old and the New: Double Consciousness
and the Literature of Slavery"

Julie Cary Nerad

"A Darker Woods: African American Writers
in the American Renaissance"

Larry J. Reynolds

"The Challenge of Cultural Relativity:
The Case of Hawthorne"

Penelope Kelsey

"Natives, Nation, Narration: Reading Roanoke
in the American Renaissance"

David M. Ball

"Toward an Archaeology of American Modernism:
Reconsidering Prestige and Popularity
in the American Renaissance"

Russ Castronovo

"Death to the American Renaissance:
History, Heidegger, Poe"

Robert Milder

"'A Literature for the Times'"



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