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The Seehafers

Camille Roman (Emeritus, English, Women's Studies, American Studies) learned that the transcript of the 2007 Robert Frost/Ernest Hemingway Inaugural Panel at MLA has been accepted for publication in The Hemingway Review. She is the co-editor and co-organizer of this project in conjunction with the Hemingway Society's Suzanne del Gizzo and a panel composed of biographers and scholars Scott Donaldson, Thomas Travisano, George Monteiro, and Hsiu-ling Lin. She is editing the last volume of the American poetry anthology and a Hemingway/Frost project as well as writing a book about several modernist women artists and leaders in Paris.

Virginia Hyde published three books, an essay, and two poems in the past few months. The prose publications are "Terra Incognita": D. H. Lawrence at the Frontiers, ed. Hyde and Earl Ingersoll (Madison, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2010); Windows to the Sun: D. H. Lawrence's "Thought-Adventures," ed. Hyde and Earl Ingersoll (Madison, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2009); Lawrence's Mornings in Mexico and Other Essays, ed. Hyde (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009); and her essay "Questing Through the Plural 'Suns' of Mornings in Mexico," in "Terra Incognita" (2010), pp. 72-93. This book contains the first critical articles based on Hyde's edition of Lawrence's Southwestern/Mexican essays. She placed second and won a cash prize in the national Anglican Beach Poetry Contest for two poems to be published online this year. An article about her work appears in the online publication of our CLA Chronicle: "English Professor Emeritus Completes 10-Year Project on D. H. Lawrence,", vol. 3, issue 2 (Fall/Winter 2009):  

The next issue of Bunchgrass Historian, the publication of the Whitman County Historical Society (Vol. 35, no. 3, 2009, pp. 18-23) has a wonderful—humorous and enlightening—letter from a WSU English T.A., Mildred Knutson McIlrath, to her parents in Cedar Rapids, IA. She wrote the letter during the winter of 1941-42. One of McIlrath's classmates was Judith Crist, later the film critic.

Nick Kiessling, Virginia Hyde and Stan Linden

Wendy Olson, Siskanna Naynaha, and Victor Villanueva have received a contract with Utah State University Press for On Language and Value: Political Economies of Rhetoric and Composition, a collection of new essays by some of the leading figures in rhetoric and in composition studies.

Leslie Jo Sena, Karen Weathermon, and Meg Autry (Residence Life) presented a research poster at the National Conference on First Year Experience in Denver, Colorado. in February. The poster reported on ongoing WSU assessment on the Common Reading’s effect on students' first year experience. Sena, Weathermon, and Autrey had their abstract accepted for the WSU Showcase held March 26. The poster is from the National Conference on First Year Experience, entitled "Assessed Benefits of a Common Reading Program: Growing a Comprehensive Program."

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