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PDC Fall 2013
Portfolios: Pedagogies, Practices, and Possibilities
Welcome to the 2013-2014 Professional Development in Composition series

The theme for the Fall 2013 Professional Development in Composition Series is Portfolios. This focus was spurred by our interest in updating our portfolio practices and implementing an eportfolio program. As our full title indicates, we’re interested in best practice in portfolio teaching as well as the multitude of possibilities for improving the ENGLISH 101 Portfolio process. Our sessions include three guest speakers (via Skype), rethinking the 101 portfolio, and much more to support the teaching of Composition. Sessions begin at 12:10 in the Bundy Reading Room. Each session will be advertised on the English listserv and will include details about each session’s focus.

  • 2012-2013 PDC Archived Schedule

  • Fall 2013 Schedule

    Professional Development in Composition Series Fall 2013

    Week 1 Aug. 21
      Intro to PDC
    Week 2 Aug. 28
    Week 3 Sept. 4
      Nedra Reynolds guest speaker; read books in ePortfolio as preparation
    Week 4 Sept. 11
      CLASP Dr. Paul Mencke
    Week 5 Sept. 18
      Portfolio Brainstorming
    Week 6 Sept. 25
      Research writing (EGO)
    Week 7 Oct. 2
      Mental Health First Aid
      Mental Health Handout
    Week 8 Oct. 9
    Week 9 Oct. 16
      Kathleen Blake Yancey
      Postmodernism, Palimpsest, and Portfolios
    Week 10 Oct. 23
    Week 11 Oct. 29
      Brainstorm redux
    Week 12 Nov. 6
    Week 13 Nov. 13
      Queer issues in the writing classrooms (CFC)
    Week 14 Nov. 20
    Trayvon Martin Article
      Link to Article

    Spring 2014 Schedule

    Professional Development in Composition Series Spring 2014

      Check back for an updated schedule

    Professional Development in Composition Certificate

    Faculty and graduate students can earn a new Certificate each semester to demonstrate continuing professional development. Anyone enrolled in ENGL 600 must attend all PDC sessions and will earn a PDC Certificate. This year we will have two levels of PDC Certificates available.

    1) PDC Certificate: requires attendance at a minimum of 9 sessions per semester. Any event listed on the PDC Schedule (except the Introduction) counts as a PDC session.

    2) PDC Advanced Certificate: requires attendance at a minimum of 12 sessions per semester. Any event listed on the PDC Schedule (except the Introduction) counts as a PDC session.

    For more details on the PDC Certificate, please contact the DOC or ADOC.


    Professional Development in Composition


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