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(Archived 2012-2013)
Minimally Multimodal - At Least!
Welcome to the 2012-2013 Professional Development in Composition series

This year’s theme for the PDC series is “Mimimally Multimodal—At Least!” Our PDC theme this year responds to Cynthia Selfe’s 2004 challenge: “To make it possible for students to practice, value, and understand a full range of literacies—emerging, competing, and fading—English composition teachers have got to be willing to expand their own understanding of composition beyond conventional bounds of the alphabetic. And we have to do so quickly or risk having composition studies become increasingly irrelevant” (Writing New Media, 54).

About one-third of our sessions are focused on supporting multimodality in classrooms, in assignments, and in assessment. For the purposes of PDC, we define multimodal texts as those that go beyond the alphabetic. Multimodal texts may include still or moving images, animations, color, music, sound, and more. All teaching is inherently multimodal, but we’ll talk about how to incorporate more modalities in classroom teaching. Our goal in the Composition Program is to make sure that every WSU student who takes a Composition course gets the best possible experience, and we believe that incorporating multimodality is part of that experience.

We will again be offering Certificates in Professional Development. Please see the information below the schedule for details about earning a Certificate. PDC meets Wednesday at noon in the Bundy unless the schedule indicates a different room. See the schedule below for the specifics.

  • Patty Ericsson DOC
  • Beth Buyserie ADOC
  • Jennifer O'Brien EGO TA  Coordinator

Fall 2012 Schedule

Professional Development in Composition Series Fall 2012

Week 1 Aug. 22
  Introduction to Semester and theme “Minimally Multimodal - At Least"; CLASP
Week 2 Aug. 29
  Library - Terrell Library Lower Online Classroom #20 E
Week 3 Sept. 5
  CLASP (Pedagogies of Inclusion)
Week 4 Sept. 12
  Guest Speaker Dr. Kristin Arola: Assigning multimodal projects
Week 5 Sept. 19
  Online portfolios panel
Week 6 Sept. 26
  New faculty panel (Dr. Michael Edwards, Dr. Leeann Hunter, Dr. Bimbisar Irom,
  Dr. Roger Whitson)
Week 7 Oct. 3
  EGO (Group Work)
Week 8 Oct. 10
  Dr. James Ridolfo

"Both of these pieces deal with rhetorical delivery and the potentiality of texts (what might become of texts) through the use of case examples. I would like, if I may, to ask your audience to consider two questions: 1) where might our students texts go and what might their texts become, and 2) how do we as teachers of composition approach issues related to the delivery, distribution, circulation, and possible re-composition (potentiality), of our students' texts?" - Dr.Ridolfo

Ridolfo, Jim, and Martine Courant Rife. “Rhetorical Velocity and Copyright: A Case Study on the Strategies of Rhetorical Delivery.” Copy(write): Intellectual Property in the Writing Classroom Eds.: Martine Rife, Shaun Slattery, and Dànielle DeVoss. WAC Clearinghouse and Parlor Press, 2011: 223-244.

Ridolfo, Jim. “Rhetorical Delivery as Strategy: Researching the Fifth Canon Through Practitioner Stories.” Rhetoric Review 31.2 (2012): 117-129.>

Week 9 Oct. 17
  CLASP (Power, Privilege, and Student Participation)
  Oct. 19 Inland InfoLit in Spokane
Week 10 Oct. 24
  EGO (Classroom teaching with multimedia)
Week 11 Oct. 31
Week 12 Nov. 7
  CLASP (Course Design)
Week 13 Nov. 14
  EGO (Using the AML effectively and creatively)
Week 14 Nov. 28
  I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream about Screens!
Week 15 Dec. 5
  EGO (Designing assignments to foster academic honesty)

Spring 2013 Schedule

Professional Development in Composition Series Spring 2012

Week 1 Jan. 9
  A day in the life of a class (EGO); CLASP survey
Week 2 Jan. 16
  Multimodal Assignments
Week 3 Jan. 23
Week 4 Jan. 30
  Assessing multimodal assignments
Week 5 Feb. 6
  Counseling Services
Week 6 Feb. 13
  Guest speaker Dr. Cynthia Selfe on multimodality<
  Selfe Chapter
  Selfe Rhetorical Matrix
Week 7 Feb. 20
  Peer Review
  Edwards Teaching Material
  Cady Peer Review Material
Week 8 Feb. 27
  The Job Market (EGO)
  Heather Springer's Materials for Adjunct Work at Community Colleges
  Teaching Portfolio Resources
  Bohle Job Materials
  alt Academy
Week 9 Mar. 6
Week 10 Mar. 13
  Spring Break!
Week 11 Mar. 20
  Dr. Doug Eyman
Week 12 Mar. 27
  Things that can bite you in the behind (EGO)
Week 13 Apr. 3
  Sample Essay With Commentary
  Macklin Dissertation Project
  Link to Dropbox Website
  Branchfire (iAnnotate) Website
Week 14 Apr. 10
Week 15 Apr. 17
  MA Conference
Week 16 Apr. 24
  Multimodal Fair

Professional Development in Composition Certificate

Faculty and graduate students can earn a new Certificate each semester to demonstrate continuing professional development. Anyone enrolled in ENGL 600 must attend all PDC sessions and will earn a PDC Certificate. This year we will have two levels of PDC Certificates available.

1) PDC Certificate: requires attendance at a minimum of 9 sessions per semester. Any event listed on the PDC Schedule (except the Introduction) counts as a PDC session.

2) PDC Advanced Certificate: requires attendance at a minimum of 12 sessions per semester. Any event listed on the PDC Schedule (except the Introduction) counts as a PDC session.

For more details on the PDC Certificate, please contact the DOC or ADOC.


Professional Development in Composition


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