Obtaining Class Lists/Add and Drop Procedures

Class lists/Grade books: The office does not provide temporary class lists.  All instructors must access RoNet and print class lists, (http://www.ronet.wsu.edu/)

New employees- on the RoNet Home page,

  1. Choose Apply for an Account and follow the instructions.
  2. Under Enrollment, request Class Lists.  (Please do not request Enrollment Changes, as they must be done through the office). 
  3. Under Grades, request Submit Final Grades and Submit Midterm Grades.
  4. Under Teachers, request any you like.

All Instructors- to print a temporary class list for attendance purposes:

  1. Log On to RoNet,
  2. Choose Enrollment
  3. Choose Class Lists
  4. Select View Class Lists and use Printable Web Page
  5. Select the View button and then print your class list.

After the 10th day of class, you should print a Class book from the RoNet site.
If a student in your class is not on the permanent class list, he/she is not in your class!  Please inform the student(s) if they do not appear on the list.
You MUST keep a hard copy of a Class Book or some method of recording the students' attendance, all grades received on papers or tests, etc.  That record is to be turned in to the office at the end of the semester.  University policy dictates that we must keep a hard copy Class Book record for five years.

  1. Adds/DropsIt is the student's responsibility to add or drop a class on the my.wsu.edu.  If a student has the schedule line number for the course, and it is before the deadline, they will be able to do this enrollment change (drop or add) directly on the my.wsu.edu.  Instructors cannot control who will be allowed into a class based on attendance of people waiting.  It is controlled by "first come, first served" on the my.wsu.edu.   The department does not have waiting lists for students.  Also, the class enrollment limit cannot be changed.


  1. NO SHOW students- If your classes are full and students are still needing to get in, please do the following.  Keep ACCURATE attendance from Day One of those students who are actually enrolled in your course and names of students who want to enroll!  Use the class list you printed on the first day of class throughout the first week. You may print a new class list for each meeting, however if you do, make sure that you copy your notes down from the first class meeting. This will allow you to keep track of any adds and drops from the RoNet system. At the end of class on the last day of the first week (Thur. or Fri.), see Sarah with your No Show lists,  she will drop any students that were not in attendance during the first week of class. 


  1. Pass/Fail - Undergraduate students must obtain their advisor's signature on a drop/add sheet to change a course to pass/fail.  This transaction cannot be done on the My.wsu.edu.  English 101 can not be taken pass/fail. 


Academic Calendar – Go to the RoNet website at www.ronet.wsu.edu and choose Schedule of Classes on the right hand menu. Then choose Academic Calendar on the left hand menu to find the important dates for this semester.
After the drop deadline, students need to go to the Registrar's Office to fill out a drop/add form in order to withdraw.  Signatures from the department are no longer required.