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English majors are urged to seek information early in their progress through the major on internship opportunities, which can provide an important experience for resumes and equally important resources for making choices about potential careers.

WSU Career Services office and the Undergraduate English Club typically offer a panel discussion each fall on internship opportunities. All majors should consult the WSU Center for Advising and Career Development website for information on internships, on-campus interview opportunities, and career and job-search strategies, and most will benefit by registering for the on-line information services through that website.

The department maintains a partial list of internship opportunities on and off campus in Avery 202J; new postings are made on the first-floor bulletin boards. The WSU Center for Advising and Career Development (335-7708) has a range of local internships available, and the WSU Writing Center (335-7959) offers various opportunities to gain tutoring, group leadership, and editing experience.

Before graduating, English majors should download and complete the English Major Exit Questionnaire form and mail a hard copy, deliver it in person, or send it by email attachment to Leisa McCormick.

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