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Minors and Certificates

The English Minor

The student must complete a minimum of 18 hours in English courses (excluding 101 and 198), half of which must be 300/400-level. Note: Because WSU undergraduates take either English 101 or 198 as graduation requirements, these courses may not be used for the minor in English. English 302 is required.

The Professional Writing Minor

The student must complete 18 hours, half of which must be 300/400-level, including Engl 301, 402 or 403, and 461. In addition, 9 hours from Engl 255, 256, 300, 354, 355, 401, 402, 403, 405, 478, and 498 are required.

The Linguistics Minor

The student must complete 18 hours, half of which must be 300/400-level, in the following courses: For L 101 or Engl 256, Engl 255 or Phil 201, Engl 443 (phonology), Engl 443 (syntax), Engl 354 or Anth 355, and one from Engl 456 or 457, Anth 350, Psych 492, or Phil 443.

The Humanities Minor

The Department of English administers the humanities minor. The humanities minor is particularly appropriate for communication students with international interests, foreign languages majors seeking to broaden their studies beyond their major language, and history and business majors with interests in international arts and literature.

The student must complete a minimum of 18 hours in courses listed under "Humanities," of which at least half must be 300/400-level.

Professional Writing Certificate

To earn the Professional Writing Certificate, students must complete the following five courses with a 3.0 GPA or better: Anth 350, Engl 301, Engl 355, Engl 402, and Engl 498. Engl 498 must be taken only after the other four courses have been completed. The certificate can be earned through WSU Online and/or on-campus offerings. The university undergraduate certificate fee will apply.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate

To earn the Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate, students must complete 18 hours including the following courses: Engl 443 (syntax); Engl 443 (phonology); Engl 458 (sociolinguistics) or For L 441; Engl 458 (psycholinguistics); Engl 495 or For L 440; and Engl 498 (3 hours). Engl 255 (English grammar) is highly recommended.

Certifying a Minor

Please follow the guidelines listed below:

1. Fill out a Petition for Certifying a Second Major or a Minor card, printed on green paper or available in Avery 202J or the Registrar's Office.

2. Request the Academic Coordinator to stamp the form.

3. Return the stamped form to the Registrar's Office.

4. Before your last semester at WSU, check with the academic coordinator to make sure that all requirements will be satisfied prior to graduation.

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