College of Liberal Arts

Department of English


    Poe Studies:
    History, Theory, Interpretation

    Volume 47 (October 2014)



    From the Editors



    Peter Jaros
    A Double Life: Personifying the Corporation from Dartmouth College to Poe
    pp. 4–35


    Michael Von Cannon
    A Tale of Optics: Poe, Visual Culture, and Antebellum Literary Celebrity
    pp. 36-54


    Craig Messner
    Pym's Games
    pp. 55–75


    Aaron Matthew Percich
    Irish Mouths and English Tea-pots: Orality and Unreason in "The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether"
    pp. 76–99


    Posthumous Justice for the Walking, Talking Female Dead
    pp. 102–104
    Kristen Renzi


    Daring to Speak a Name
    pp. 105–107
    Elizabeth Fenton


    Poe, Animals, Animality
    pp. 108–111
    Dominic Mastroianni


    Experiment, American Literature, and Jamesian Pragmatism
    pp. 112-114
    David M. Robinson


    Arabs, Arabesques, and America: The Place of Poe in Studies of Literary Orientalism
    pp. 115-119
    Brian Yothers


    Unpuzzling Poe
    pp. 120-122
    Scott Peeples


    Playing Poe
    pp. 123-125
    Amber LaPiana


    A World of Sours and Sweets
    pp. 126-128
    Richard Kopley


    Plotting the Hoax: Reading American Detection through Poe
    pp. 129-132
    Manina Jones



    pp. 133-135




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