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Barbara Monroe
Associate Professor

Barbara Monroe


Barbara Monroe, Associate Professor. Ph.D., Texas, Austin. As coordinator for English Education, Monroe teaches methods courses for English teaching majors as well as graduate seminars in comparative rhetorics. Her research interests include Plateau Indian ways with words and discursive practices of secondary student writing, online and off.


Her book Crossing the Digital Divide: Race, Writing, and Technology in the Classroom examines nonwhite ways of writing, knowing, and interacting in high-poverty schools. She has published articles on technology and teaching in several book collections (Feminist Cyberscapes, Wiring the Writing Center, and Taking Flight with OWLs) as well as in Computers and Composition, English Journal, The A.C.E. Journal, and Kairos.

Research Iinterests

To what degree do traditional ways with words continue to exert a discursive influence on Plateau Indian student writing today? That is the key question of Monroe's latest book manuscript, now in progress, tentatively entitled "Plateau Indian Ways with Words: Continuity and Change."

Graduate Teaching Interests

Her seminars focus on discursive practices and pedagogies in intercultural contact zones, with particular attention to U. S. immigrant and colonial populations within social, political, and educational contexts usually dominated by EuroAmerican modes of expression, interaction, and argument.












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