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Archaeology is the study of people and their cultures in the past.  Archaeologists gather clues left behind by collecting artifacts and systematically digging where people used to live.

Photo: Tiwanaku, Bolivia
Tiwanaku, Bolivia

We use these clues to understand how people made a living, where they lived, what their belief systems may have been and many other aspects of their cultures.  Several of our faculty work in North America including Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, the Great Basin and the Southwest.  We also work across the globe in such places as India, East Africa, Mesoamerica, the Andes and Siberia.

Archaeology Faculty
Dr. William Andrefsky

Interests: Columbia Plateau, Arctic, and the Northern Great Basin; hunter-gatherer human organization; lithic analysis; Neolithic transition.

Dr. Jade d'Alpoim Guedes

Interests: China; archeobotany, human osteology, paleoclimate reconstruction, ecological niche modeling.

Dr. Andrew Duff

Interests: American Southwest; community formation; organizational transitions associated with increasing population consolidation; social and ethnic identity and migration.

Dr. Melissa Goodman Elgar

Interests: Andean prehistory; geoarchaeology; archaeological theory; agriculture; and human impact on landscapes.

Dr. Colin Grier

Interests: Pacific Northwest Coast, complex hunter-gatherers, faunal analysis.

Dr. Tim A. Kohler

Interests: American Southwest including Bandelier National Monument and southwestern Colorado; modeling and quantitative analysis; cooperative behavior; reciprocity; and other evolutionary processes in Neolithic societies.

Dr. Erin Thornton

Interests: New world societies; zooarchaeology, human osteology and stable isotope analysis.

Dr. Shannon Tushingham

Interests: Pacific Northwest Coast, California; Hunter-gatherers, evolutionary ecology, ethnoarchaeology, archaeometry, colonial encounters, contemporary indigenous communities.

Dr. Steven Weber

Interests: India and South Asia; the adoption of  new subsistence strategies; links between subsistence, material culture and settlement systems; ethnobiology; paleoethnobotany; and field archaeology (on Vancouver campus).



Graduate Coordinator
Dr. Colin Grier

(509) 335-7406

Student Representative

Kristin Safi


Archaeology Graduate Program Course Requirements


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